A bit about me…

Need copy for your website, blog or promo material erm, yesterday?

I’m Anne Rawson, freelance writer for hire. I work hard to produce unique, original copy that speaks directly to your target audience.

My background is diverse! I’ve owned and operated my own business (staff recruitment), managed an office (online marketing) and worked like a demon as a lady-tradie…

I’ve learnt a lot – including the deep and diverse nature of people – and the essential need for any given business to deliver top notch customer service if it wants to thrive.

As a writer, I also know the power of the written word. Therefore, when it comes to producing written content, I work hard to create authentic, original copy that:

  • Grabs the attention of your targeted audience immediately
  • Communicates your message to your audience – your way – clearly and concisely
  • Creates a connection with your clientele or readership, and
  • Is engaging, informative and interesting

Want to read more? Please take a look at my Services Page.

When I’m not lost in my writing bubble creating or honing content, the rest of my life revolves around taking care of my two ‘boys’ – my beloved (and I know, spoilt and over-indulged, as per the ‘glamour shots’ below!) pooches, Scottie and Blaze – and hanging out with my tradie de-facto, Shaun.

Scottie &...

y Choose Me?

I’ve been in your shoes. As a previous self-employed business owner, office manager and self-employed lady-tradie, I understand – very well – how hectic and stressful those worlds can be.

Therefore, I know how valuable finding ‘good help’ can be! (Which, um, would be me).

If you’re looking for someone who’s easy to work with, has your best interests at heart, and is dedicated to making your life easier – I’m your writer.

Contact me for a no obligation, informal chat today.